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We can provide you all of the mailing preparation services for your mail project if the number of pieces for the project exceeds 200. These include: mail list purchasing, graphic design services, printing, folding, inserting mailing pieces (letters, flyers, response cards, reply envelopes) into and sealing envelopes, tabbing and addressing the mail piece. If you bring in the piece to be mailed before the printing has transpired we can help you plan the project to cut mailing costs. A job that is hot off our press can be prepared and ready for mailing all under one roof. This simplifies your preparations and saves you time and even more money.

Even more money can be saved with standard mail through postage. For regular customers we can save up to 50% off the first-class postage. For non-profit organizations that are filed with the post office, postage may be reduced up to 70% of the first-class price.

We are your one-stop shop for your complete marketing campaign. We can print your piece, buy you a mailing list, or update and de-duplicate your mailing list.

Call us for pricing at 785-842-2656.