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The Garage

Minuteman Press NOW


A Community Meeting Space

Roll up your sleeves, apply a little elbow grease and get to work here at The Garage!

Located within the The Minuteman Press Lawrence facility, the Garage is a community meeting space for people to come together and collaborate, create, and make our community a better place. Minuteman Press Lawrence sees this as an opportunity to give back to Lawrence after many years in business.

Available to our customers for:

-for board meetings,

-referral groups,

-committee meetings,

-training sessions,

-non-profit and charity groups.

Sits comfortable up to 25 persons.


Within our facilities, suite A located at

1404 E. 24th Street in Lawrence of course

9:00 AM until 4:00 PM Monday thru Friday.

At this time, no evening meetings.


Welcome to The Garage