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I hear this all the time from friends and clients. I tell them yes, we use soy and vegetable inks and paper from sustainable forest, but that is only about 10% of the Sustainable Green Printer (SGP) certification requirements. (To learn more about SGP to go SGP is a rigorous holistic third party certification that covers every aspect of our business. In fact our lobby wall says it best: “Green Changes Everything”. We have 33 written procedures that cover everything from the fertilizer we use on our grass to our air quality, our hearing quality, to chemicals we use to clean our bathrooms to where the paper we buy comes from. We were the first company in Kansas and 12th in the nation to earn this coveted certification. Here are some successes: We have reduced our VOC's emissions by 22% and our HAP's emission by 96% in our press room by eliminating petroleum from our inks and cleaning solvents - something our industry had used for decades. Our paper comes only from Sustainable forests – which means we plant 3-5 trees every time we harvest one. We have more trees in the US today that we did in 1950! We use National Change of Address in our mailing department to keep our direct mail from ending up in the landfill. Fifty percent of the SGP certification is centered around Safety. We have had made several safety enhancements and had several safety inspections since working on our certification. We have had two inspections with “zero” infractions! We recycle over 86% of the waste out of our building. (click here to see our flowchart of waste streams from our plant). We reduced our electricity by making several changes to our operating practices. We have increased our sales by 15% and increased our profits by 8% since certification. Our staff has improved their indoor air quality, their health and the environment. I want to invite you to stop by our locally-owned shop and see how we are trying to make a difference in our little corner of the world. Dee Bisel Owner

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